Ways in which synthetic urine can be utilized

Synthetic urine is actually manufactured by using the artificial method by mixing water with inorganic and organic components like urea, uric acid, sulfates,etc. This is mainly made for the application in the laboratory,but nowadays it is used for many purposes. This artificial urine has both chemical and physical qualities same,and it does not contain any sort of waste so it can be used in places with high hygiene regulations and high disease threat. And this synthetic urine can be stored and transported easily and has a good shelf life.


Applications of synthetic urine


  • Synthetic Urine is good for testing the urine equipment. Normally human urine has adifferent composition,so it is not fit to use everywhere to check the laboratory equipment. So a liquid that has a constant formula is more indispensable. Fake urine is very popular for using it for scientific purposes.


  • The medical students who need to train themselves for conducting the urine tests or clinical experiments normally perform on fake or synthetic urine.


  • It is a popular thing to use synthetic urine for passing any drug test,and hence the synthetic urine is becoming popular day by day. It can easily replace the original urine and helps in passing the test. It is nearly impossible for any person to detect the fake urine. Synthetic urine can imitate itself with real urine in terms of physical and chemical composition. Though there are many laboratories who are trying to fight this but still no method has been found to detect synthetic urine.

  • It is widely used to check the capacity of any diaper.


  • It is great for the salesman or marketers to demonstrate whether a particular product is effective in removing the stains of urine from furniture or carpets or about removing odor.


There are many other uses of synthetic urine. You can easily opt for quick fix urine as they are popular as quick fix synthetic urine.