Myths and facts about Laser Hair Removal

If you are sick of rushing to the parlor for waxing your legs for any night out or tried bikini waxing and failed to remove some of the hair, then laser hair removing technique is the best solution for your problem. Every year millions of people are trying laser hair removing technique, but there are still many myths that we come across. Here in this article, we are going to discuss few of these myths.

Myths about laser hair removing technique


  • It hurts badly: Many people find this treatment to be bearable. It may cause some tingling sensation or minor discomfort, or it may cause a very little pain. Many people get used to it with each session. People use numerous precautionary measures or numbing cream during this procedure.


  • You need to grow the hair very long: Actually, you need to shave the part where the laser treatment needs to be performed. You will have to shave the area before 2 to 3 days because you cannot walk in the clinic with long hairs like a cat. Once the process is done properly, then you won’t have to worry about shaving or waxing for a long time.

  • Laser hair removing is not for dark skin: The laser beam mainly targets the melanin in the hair and targets the hair root but not the surrounding skin. So it is true that laser treatment works great on light tone skin with black hair but it also works on other skin tones, there are many lasers which are designed particularly for treating darker skin.


  • It leads to ingrown hair: Actually, laser hair removing treatment is especially great for sensitive skin and for ingrown hair or conditions like the folliculitis. Laser treatment helps in flattening the irritating bumps which are caused by the ingrown hairs.


So think of the safety first and then think about the smooth legs. For best results visit or britishlasers as they have professionals who easily meet the required criteria needed for performing laser treatment.