Building a 300 Dollar Gaming PC is Possible

It can be a bit stressed but then building a 300 dollar gaming PC can be possible though it might not be as sturdy and robust as a high end one. But anyway, one can play some of the more simple games on it which does not require high end resolution and space. Moreover, many daily activities like mail checking, browsing, simple document storage and other daily activities can also be performed on it. Getting children their first computer can also be achieved by this. Overall, it can be quite a pleasurable experience if the following hardware’s are chosen correctly for the purpose.

300 dollar gaming PC

  • Case – A simple suitable case can be selected for a 300 dollar gaming pc that can sufficiently accommodate all the hardware easily and should be micro-ATX compatible.
  • Processor (CPU) – A processor can be considered as the heart of a PC and hence the Intel Pentium G4400 processor can be chosen for a low-end gaming PC. Intel HD Graphics 510 Graphics Card is integrated along with it and hence there is no need for a dedicated graphic card for processing visuals and graphic.
  • Motherboard (MOBO) – The Gigabyte motherboard GA –H110M-A can be the best suitable motherboard for a low-end gaming PC because all the rest can be quite expensive than it.
  • Memory (RAM) – A 4 GB memory can be good enough but recommended space is 4-8 GB as most games can be played over it and also any additional work like video editing can also be done easily.
  • Power Supply – The EVGA 430W PSU can be the best choice for a 300 dollar gaming PC.

Apart from all this, matching hard drive and CD burner should also be selected. Operating system depends upon choice but Windows 8 or 10 can easily be chosen. Further, careful analysis before the assembling should be carried out so that any missing component or un-matching component can be identified.