Analysis of the APDM through Astrological Perspective

It is unanimously agreed upon by almost all astrologers that a shift has taken place where the energy of the planet is retrograde and is altered and turned towards the inward side and is emphasised on the subjective matter and the inner self and world of a particular individual Hence, with a lack o being able to interpret the subjective influences which are further internalised by retrogrades brings up the natal chart. This gives them the confidence to be bold and firm and believe in their natural instincts without hesitating much and work on their inner potent force gifted upon.

The fact that APDM concerns that ‘all planets are in direct motion’ stabilizes the concept of the various charts. Chats like the birth chart provides you with the confidence to follow your dreams according to the indications of your chart and also follow the footsteps of your forefathers and seek a support from a higher power or such.


Significance of potent force

APDM charts are a significance where are potent or positive force is taken into consideration in terms of carrying specifically a direct content.  is a popular website which seems to ponder upon these ideas in a varied way.

Newer inventions such as an electrical chart or a mundane chart which has an APDM cycle, the network of moving planets in a forward unified motion seems to strengthen a few goals like increasing the flexibility and reduces time in terms of tabulating it. This newer invention can bring in a lot of appreciation and further more exciting expeditions for the organization concerned. This enhances a group or team works and in turn reinforces and rejuvenates the positive force among the individuals working on it. This enhances the growth of positive force both inside and outside of a person.