3 Things to Know About Students’ Attendance in School

Student level data is important for every educational institution. The information can be of many kinds, such as

  • Personal information- age, gender, race, place of residence.
  • Enrollment information- current grade level, years of attendance, absent days.
  • Academic information- courses completed, test results and marksscored, academic needs fulfilled.

Keeping track ofstudents’ attendance in schools is one of the most important points to be considered.


What is the need to keep a record of students’ attendance in school?

School attendance is animportant factor in determining a students’ academic progress. The success of a school largely depends on their attendance rate.They are more likely to perform well when they attend school consistently. It’s hard for the teachers to grow their skills and development if theydo not attend the school regularly.

What are the ways schools can increase students’attendance rate?

  • Be passionate towards them.
  • Askthem to take part in extracurricular activities
  • Encourage them to be more social.
  • Organize adventure.
  • Incorporate new teaching techniques.
  • Ask parents to make them more attentive.
  • Make school a fun place for them.

Why should schools keep arecord of students’attendance?

Schools should keep a check on students’ attendance rate to identify who may be experiencing problems.The aim of observing the progress and reviewing records is to keep an eye on the absentees. Schools may apply a number of techniques to monitor the records; one of the easiest ways is the usage of a computer generated system.

The system generates techniques that make the job of tracking records simpler and fast. They also guarantee 100% accuracy in data. One such site created andused by teachers to record daily attendance of students in school is http://apdm.net.my